DOOHM is a global company headquartered in Chennai, India delivering precision tools with the corporate purpose of pioneering new, innovative and cost-effective media options. 

DOOHM prides itself on providing targeted advertising formats which increase audience reach without duplication or wastage. Each format provides a unique opportunity to see for specific audiences. This makes DOOHM truly innovative, accountable and everywhere.

DOOHM was founded by a team of dynamic and dedicated technology professionals and having on board key personnel with experience in the Advertising, Marketing and the International Business arena.

DOOHM is on a determined path of establishing accountability and innovation as clear hallmarks of the company across all markets. This encompasses all aspects of the company including Sales approach, research, technology and technological innovation across all regions.

DOOHM has strategically acquired over 2500 display locations pan India across business areas, malls, fine dining restaurants and other captive audience locations. 

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